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Oh, What a Trail Ride!

Create your own funny stories with our horse libs.

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It was a ___________________ (adjective describing weather) day, so my friend _____________ (name) and I decided to take our horses on a trail ride. We started down the ______________ (adjective) trail that led along a field of _____________ (vegetables) and ________________ (color) flowers. Everything was going fine until we noticed a flock of _______________s (animal) flying overhead. We thought that was unusual, but our horses didn’t seem to mind. They were more concerned with the pack of _______________ s (breed of dog) following behind us.  Fortunately I had a _____________ (type of kitchen utensil) in my saddle bag, so I took that out and started waving it around. I ended up spooking our two horses. They broke into a gallop. We pulled on our reins, but that didn’t work. Our horses ran straight into the river, which was overflowing with _____________ (color) water that looked like _______________ (beverage). To dry them off we headed up a hill. There were boulders that looked like ___________ (type of candy). Since our horses were wearing _____________ (type of footwear) they climbed over all the rocks easily. We met up with only one other rider. To our surprise, it was _____________ (male celebrity) aboard his horse, a ________________ (breed of horse) with ______________ (color) spots and an odd gait known as the _______________ (type of dance). Since my friend and I are big fans, we politely pointed out that he really shouldn’t be trail riding in tack made of ____________ (type of fabric). On we rode, eventually  arriving at the top of a mountain where we could see all the way to ______________ (large city). We snacked on sandwiches I’d made out of _____________ (lunchmeat) and _______________ (fruit) with _______________ (type of cheese). Yum! After spending several hours in a saddle bag, they were delicious! Our horses, on the other hand, were perfectly content grazing on the hillside, which was covered in ____________ (color) grass and ___________ (brand of candy). Now that was a memorable trail ride!
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Oh, What a Trail Ride!

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Reader Comments

Audrey    Tipp City, OH

3/30/2017 5:43:56 PM

please add more of these i like them wow what a trail ride.

Gee and Haw    Northern part, CA

5/29/2013 5:17:50 AM

I read the one my friend sent me, and it was a hit.
We exchanged the "blank" story with our 4-H group. Great idea!!

Meghan    Benbrook, TX

10/7/2012 2:35:40 PM

If you need to roll on the floor and laugh. do these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PKL    somewhere, WY

8/7/2011 6:01:16 AM

That story could turn out all different depending on "what" you put in the blanks.

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