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Lost or Stolen Horse

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Equestrian Life - Catching a Horse
Determine why your horse runs from you, then work to reestablish your relationship.

Equestrian Life - Emergency Contact Information
Make sure those who care for your horse have the emergency contact numbers they need.

Horse Community - Dealing with the Loss of a Horse
Coping with the loss of a horse can be a difficult journey.

Horse Theft Prevention Tips
The nightmare of a stolen horse can be a terrifying experience. Keep your horse from falling victim by following these theft prevention tips.

Horse First Aid - Directions to Emergency Responders
If you become incapacitated during an accident, you can make sure your horses will be taken care of by leaving information that will help direct emergency responders.

Horsekeeping - Emergency Horse Identification Plan
Whatever the emergency—fire, tornado, hurricane or earthquake—it's important to be prepared.

Horse Management - Make A Breakaway Halter
A must-have safety measure.

Horse Management - Protect Your Horse From Theft
Being prepared for a theft and taking steps to minimize it and maximize recovery will go a long way toward protecting your horse and getting it back.

Horse Management - Finding Your Lost Horse
It's important to recover your wandering horse as soon as possible. He could be a danger to himself or others.

Horse Management - Stolen Horse!
Experts say the actions you take in the first 24 to 48 hours are crucial if you hope to recover your stolen animal.

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