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What are protein bumps, and what can I do about them?

A. A vet explains the possible causes and some solutions for these equine skin bumps.
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Protein Bumps

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Reader Comments

Hayley    Castaic, CA

10/14/2017 6:21:03 PM

Hello! My name is Hayley, and I am in need of new horse treats because my horse’s idiotic stall neighbor ravaged through my box and ate mine! My horse is a big ol draft - allergic to everything. Can you point me to some treats with NO ALFALFA? Thanks!

abigail    Corsicana, TX

10/6/2017 8:40:05 AM

Hi, my name is Abigail and I am doing a Genius Hour Project at school. My question is, how can you make a horse more calm and mellow. Please help with some tips.

Matt    International

9/17/2017 7:16:48 PM

If a person was to make pants for a horse, would it need to have two legs (for the back legs) or would it need to have four legs (for all four legs)?

Also, what material should the pants be made of ideally?

Hayley    International

7/23/2017 2:50:42 PM

I recently took my horse out on a lovely trail, and all went perfect! However, when I returned back to the ranch, I found all four of her wraps were COVERED in foxtail-burrs! Is there any way I can get these out!!! If I were to pick them, which I've been doing for the past hour, it would take more many, many boring hours. Please help!

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