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Kicking Problem  
Q: My mare recently kicked me when I was cleaning her corral. It's not the first time she's kicked someone. What can I do to teach her not to kick humans?

Famed natural horse experts Pat and Linda Parelli answer. Click Here >>

Question of the Week: Soured on Arena Work
My horse refuses to move in the arena. What do I do?

General Training Advice - Video: Fix Head Tossing with John Lyons
Watch John Lyons video to learn his tried and tested method for reforming a head tosser.

General Training Advice - Video: Lope Leads with John Lyons
Watch John Lyons' tips for getting your horse to take your leads in this HorseChannel video.

HorseChannel - My horse is scared to death of dogs. Help!
Pat and Linda Parelli advise how to train a horse to be less fearful of dogs.

What can I do to teach my horse not to kick humans?
Pat and Linda Parelli advise how to build a relationship with your horse and put an end to kicking.

My gelding tries to put everything in his mouth. How can I stop this bad habit?
Pat and Linda Parelli discuss how to handle mouthy habits.

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