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Horse Hoof Care and Lameness

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Hoof Care Your horse needs regular hoof care and farrier visits for his health and soundness. Read on for all of our resources on diagnosing and treating common hoof ailments, recognizing lameness, and developing a plan with your veterinarian and farrier to keep your horse sound throughout his lifetime.

Learn the Basics of Lameness in Horses
Watch a video of a flexion test and find out what horse owners should know about equine lameness.

Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

Bandaging a Hoof
Keep your horse's foot protected until the farrier arrives

Horse Health - First-Aid for Laminitis
Improve your horses' chance of surviving laminitis with these first-aid tips.

Train Your Horse to Pick Up a Foot
Step-by-step advice for teaching your horse to pick up a hoof.

How to Pull a Loose Shoe
A loose shoe is a danger to your horse. Learn how to take care of it when your farrier isn't around.

Treating an Abscess
A few simple steps to treat this common ailment will help to bring your horse back to soundness.

Ask the Vet: Cushing's Disease and Cracked Hooves
Could Cushing's be causing a senior horse's hooves to crack?

Ask the Vet: Sore Hooves after a Trim
Could retracted soles be the cause of a horse's post-farrier hoof soreness?

Ask the Vet: Farrier Assessment
How do I know if my farrier is doing a good job?

Ask the Vet: Hoof Oil and Hoof Hardener
What's the difference between hoof oil and hoof hardener, and how should they be used?

Ask the Vet: Locked Stifle
What causes a locked stife, and what can be done to treat it?

Ask the Vet: Packing Hooves
What are the benefits of packing your horse's hooves?

Ask the Vet: Ringbone
What exactly is ringbone and what can I do to treat it?

Question of the Week: Capped Hocks
What can I do for my horse's capped hocks?

Question of the Week: Floating Patella
My horse has been diagnosed with a floating patella. What does that mean?

Hitting a Nerve
Find out how nerve blocking and nerving are used to diagnose and treat lameness in horses.

Horse Health Advice - Hoof Abscess
Christoph Koch, DMV, advises what to do while waiting for the vet to arrive.

Question of the Week: Keeping Joints Healthy
What can I do to preserve my horse's joints as he ages?

Laminitis Recovery Time
How long should I wait before bringing my horse back to a normal work schedule after laminitis?

Question of the Week: Osteochondritis dissecans
My OTTB has been diagnosed with OCD. How will this affect his training?

Question of the Week: Pedal Osteitis
My horse has been diagnosed with pedal osteitis. Is there anything I can do to help him?

Ask the Vet: Preventing Joint Degeneration
How can horse owners be proactive to reduce the risk of future joint problems?

Ask the Vet: Preventing Laminitis
My horse recently recovered from laminitis. How do I prevent it from happening again?

Question of the Week: Ringbone
My horse has severe ringbone. Is there anything I can do to keep him pasture sound?

Question of the Week: Dealing with an Old Injury
Will an old sesamoid stress fracture come back to haunt my horse?

Question of the Week: Stocking Up
A vet describes this common condition and how to avoid it.

Ask the Expert: Subchondral Bone Cysts
My horse has been diagnosed with a bone cyst in his hoof. How will this affect his performance in the future?

Ask the Vet: The First Signs of Lameness
Does a lame horse always warrant a call to the vet?

Question of the Week: Fear of the Farrier
My horse had a bad experience with the farrier. How do I regain her trust?

Alternative Hoofwear: Thinking Beyond Traditional Horseshoes
Barefoot or nailed-on shoes aren't your only options for healthy hooves.

An Intro to Hoof Boots
Help keep your barefoot horse comfortable with the right hoof boots.

Barefoot Horses and Sore Hooves
How to help a horse adjust to barefoot living without foot pain.

Causes of Equine Lameness: Degenerative Joint Disease
Degenerative Joint Disease is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses.

Causes of Equine Lameness: Foot Abscess
A foot abscess is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses.

Causes of Lameness: Heel Pain
Heel pain is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses.

Causes of Equine Lameness: Navicular Syndrome
Navicular Syndrome is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses.

Causes of Equine Lameness: Tendon and Ligament Injury
Tendon and ligament injuries are among the most common causes of lameness in horses.

Chiropractic therapy for horses
Learn how an equine chiropractor can help your horse.

Horse Grooming - Grooming for the Health of It
Whether your horse is a trail expert or show stopper, ridden daily or retired, stalled or turned out, your horse needs daily grooming to help maintain good health.

Dealing with a Hot Nail
A misplaced horseshoe nail can lead to pain and lameness. Here's what to do about it.

Developmental Orthopedic Disease in Young Horses
Here's an overview of developmental abnormalities that affect young horses.

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)
DMSO isn't always the best choice for treating a horse's lameness.

Exercise-Related Injuries
With new technologies for treatment, the outcome for performance horse injuries looks brighter than ever.

Farrier Speak: Expand Your Hoof-Care Vocabulary
This glossary of hoof-care terms will have you speaking your farrier's language.

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