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Horse Care Get up-to-date information on equine diseases and health concerns. Find out what symptoms you need to watch out for in your horse, how to treat diseases, and when to get your veterinarian involved.

Equine Diseases and Vaccinations: AAEP Core Vaccines
Get to know the basics of the core vaccines for your horse, and how to safely vaccinate.

Horse Health - First-Aid for Laminitis
Improve your horses' chance of surviving laminitis with these first-aid tips.

Lymphosarcoma Horse Cancer
Thankfully horses don't get cancer often, but when they do it's usually deadly and it's usually lymphosarcoma.

Question of the Week: Anemia in Horses
The vet says my horse is anemic. What should I do?

Question of the Week: Birds in the Barn
Can bird droppings make my horse sick?

Question of the Week: Lyme Disease Outbreak
How can I protect my horse from Lyme disease?

Question of the Week: Tetanus Shot Reaction in Equines
Why does my mule have a bad reaction to the tetanus shot?

8 Things to Know about Lyme Disease
Before you hit the trails this summer, read up on the increasing threat of Lyme Disease.

Holistic Horse Care - Acupuncture
Acupuncture, perhaps the best-known Chinese medical technique, is not limited to humans.

Can I Vaccinate My Own Horse?
The pros and cons of doing your horse’s annual shots on your own.

Core Equine Vaccinations
Find out why vaccinations are essential to your horse's health.

Horse Disease - Advances Against Cushing's Disease
New therapies, along with improved diagnostic tests, are clearing the way to better care.

All About EHV-1
A horse owner's reference guide to equine herpes virus.

Horse Health - Flu Signs
Identify common flu symptoms in horses.

Field Guide to Equine Vaccines
Here are some guidelines that might help you decide which vaccines you should give your horse.

Horse Parasites - Managing Your Deworming Program
Experts reveal the latest strategies in parasite control.

Horse First Aid - Administering Horse Medication
Tips on administering medication to your horse.

Horse Disease - Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Because a number of factors can affect the risks of falling victim to potentially deadly brain-swelling diseases carried by mosquitoes, Purdue University experts recommend that all horses be vaccinated.

Horse Disease - Update on Navicular Disease
Explore the latest options for diagnosing and managing this confounding lameness.

Horse First Aid - Preventing Ticks
Discover tips to rid your horse of those trying ticks.

Risk-Based Equine Vaccinations
Find out which vaccinations are essential to your horse's health based on risk factors

Horse Grooming - Sheath Cleaning
Sheath cleaning isn't really a fun job for anyone involved. But after the first time, you'll realize there's not much to it.

Horse Grooming - Equine Skin Problems
Recognizing and treating skin disorders on your horse.

Holistic Horse Care - Supplements for Horses
Determine if your horse needs extra supplements for an extra boost of nutrition.

Horse Disease - Tapeworm Treatment for Horses
Opinions vary regarding when it???s best to offer tapeworm treatment and how often treatments should be given. Here???s what a few experts have to say.

Horse Disease - The Tapeworm Threat
They???re more prevalent and serious than originally thought. Find out how to combat these tricky parasites.

The Equine Vaccination Guide
Which vaccinations does your horse need, and why?

Horse Thrush - Thrush in Horse Hooves
If your horse's hooves become infected with thrush, follow these treatment tips.

Horse Disease - The Truth About Ringbone
Is this disease really the end for a riding horse? Find out the latest prognosis.

Horse Vaccine - Equine Vaccination Strategies
Three veterinarians discuss vaccine safety, and provide us with their vaccination strategies to thwart disease.

Horse Vaccination - Horse Vaccination Tips
The effectiveness of vaccines relies, in part, on the effectiveness of the vaccination program. Follow the guidelines to strengthen your program.

Horsekeeping - Natural Fly Control
When flies attack, wasps may be the answer to help you win the fight.

What Horse Owners Should Know About Strangles
On Behalf of the Equine Research Coordination Group

Research Needed to Better Understand Navicular Disease
On Behalf of the Equine Research Coordination Group

Horse owners advised to take caution in light of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) outbreak
Several cases have been reported in western states tracing back to a cutting show in Utah.

Pigeon Fever: What horse owners need to know
A large number of Pigeon Fever cases in Texas has owners on alert.

Mosquito Woes: How to Protect Your Horse
Don't let these disease-carrying nuisances ruin your summer.

Horse Owners Warned of Anaplasmosis Risk
The tick-borne illness can mimic the symptoms of other diseases, and proper diagnosis is the key to the cure.

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