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Parasite Control Strategies
How to control intestinal worms in your horses without contributing to dewormer resistance in parasites.

History of Equine Parasite Control
Early deworming practices were more harmful to the horse than the parasites. Fortunately, we've come a long way.

Horse Deworming Chart
Print this comprehensive chart to help easily keep track of deworming.

Deworming the Reluctant Horse
Are you constantly at battle with your horse over deworming? Find tips to make this common struggle a breeze!

Green Fly Control
Controlling annoying insects isn't an easy task, especially if you are concerned about the environment. Here are some strategies that help minimize threats to our world.

Horse Deworming Tutorial Video
Watch as Janice Posnikoff, DVM, shows how to get your horse to take his dewormer.

Ask the Vet: A Strongyle Infestation
What fecal tests can tell you about your horse's parasite load, and what you can do with that information.

Ask the Vet: Summer Sores
What's the best way to treat and prevent summer sores in pastured horses?

Question of the Week: Fecal Egg Count
The vet says I should deworm my horse with a PowerPac." Is that safe?

Ask the Vet: Parasite Control at Boarding Stables
My horse lives at a boarding barn. How can I updade my deworming routine?

Ask the Vet: Testing for Tapeworms
How do I find out if my horse has tapeworms, and what do I do about it if he does?

8 Equine Deworming Myths
When it comes to deworming horses, some stubborn myths seem to stick around.

Deworming Cheat Sheet
A simple guide to the new rules of parasite control for horses.

Horse Parasites - Deworming Tips
How to get that dewormer down your horse's hatch, and keep those creepy-crawly internal parasites under control.

What is a Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test?
A member of the Horse Illustrated team decided to try a new tactic in deworming with her three horses.

Fighting the Dewormer Resistance
Fecal egg count tests will revolutionize your deworming program and protect against parasite resistance.

Managing Parasites in Your Foal
Ensure your foal's health with the right parasite control program.

Horse Parasites - Managing Your Deworming Program
Experts reveal the latest strategies in parasite control.

Horse First Aid - Administering Horse Medication
Tips on administering medication to your horse.

New Thinking on Deworming
There's a good chance your deworming strategy needs updating.

Horse First Aid - Preventing Ticks
Discover tips to rid your horse of those trying ticks.

Horse Health - Riding After Deworming
A doctor of veterinary medicine answers: How soon can a horse exercise after deworming?

Horse Grooming - Equine Skin Problems
Recognizing and treating skin disorders on your horse.

Horse Disease - Tapeworm Treatment for Horses
Opinions vary regarding when it???s best to offer tapeworm treatment and how often treatments should be given. Here???s what a few experts have to say.

Horse Disease - The Tapeworm Threat
They???re more prevalent and serious than originally thought. Find out how to combat these tricky parasites.

Test Your Deworming IQ
Are you up to date on equine parasite control? Take our quiz to find out.

Worm Wars
Science and strategic thinking are the best defenses for protecting your horse from parasites.

Field Guide to Flies
Know your enemy. Read up on the pests that might be bugging your horse this summer.

Spring Tune-Up
Healthcare essentials to do now—follow a vet's checklist.

40 Years of Equine Parasite Control
The great deworming war rages on while researchers try to stay ahead of the curve.

Fecal Egg Count Tests Inprove Deworming Programs
Vets help horse owners achieve more efficient, effective parasite control.

10 Things to Know about Deworming Your Horse
Understanding parasite resistance is the key to keeping a healthy herd.

Deworming Program Helps Horse Owners and Their Vets Keep Horses Healthy
Get Rotation Right helps reduce parasites in horses while aiming to prevent drug resistance.

Deworming strategies for horse owners at boarding stables
Take an active role in your horse's parasite control regimen.

Prevent summer sores in horses
These management practices will reduce the spread of habronema, the parasites that cause summer sores.

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