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Horse Hoof Care and Lameness

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Hoof Care Your horse needs regular hoof care and farrier visits for his health and soundness. Read on for all of our resources on diagnosing and treating common hoof ailments, recognizing lameness, and developing a plan with your veterinarian and farrier to keep your horse sound throughout his lifetime.

Healthy Hock Guide
Five facts to know about your horse's hocks.

A Good Start for Healthy Horse Joints
Take care of your young horse's joints today to keep him happy and healthy through his life.

Experts' Opinions on Keeping a Barefoot Horse
Experts provide their opinions on four aspects of managing a barefoot horse.

Hoof Care for Foals
Proper hoof care from a young age will help your foal maintain lifetime soundness.

Hoof Care for Horses
Expert advice for keeping your horse’s feet healthy, whether he’s shod or barefoot.

Hoof care videos help horse owners understand hoof health
"Two Minutes with Tab" series from Vettec Inc addresses common hoof ailments and health problems.

Guide to Horse Hoof Problems
Keeping your horse's feet healthy is key to keeping him sound.

Video: Basic Hoof Trim
Two Minutes with Tab" series from Vettec Inc addresses common hoof ailments and health problems.

Horse First Aid - Hoof Abscesses and Puncture Wounds
Delve into the causes of and cures for hoof abscesses and puncture wounds.

Hoof Care and Lameness - 8 Hoof Care Myths
Experts address common misconceptions about hoof care.

Senior Horse - Joint Injections for Horses
Top veterinarians share opinions on the risks and rewards of joint injections.

Inside a Lameness Exam
Learn what vets look for in a lameness evaluation.

Horse Disease - Mud-Related Health Problems
Veterinary experts offer tips for coping with mud-related health problems.

How to Manage and Prevent Thrush
Wet weather and muddy conditions can cause this smelly and often harmful hoof infection.

Hoof Care and Lameness - Liniments and Poultices for Sore Horses
The hot and cold of liniments and poultices.

Managing Horses with Tendon and Ligament Issues
Full recovery is possible from many tendon and ligament injuries in horses.

Horse Disease - Update on Navicular Disease
Explore the latest options for diagnosing and managing this confounding lameness.

New Horizons in Arthritis Treatment
Veterinary science has found some promising options for helping the arthritic horse.

Hoof Care and Lameness - Packing Your Horse's Hooves
Does your horse behave as if his feet are a little ouchy" after a long trail ride over rough terrain? Are his tootsies tired by the end of a long day of showing?

Preventing arthritis in senior horses
Osteoarthrtis is a reality of aging, but with good management, it doesn't have to mean an end of your horse's working life.

Hoof Care and Lameness - Could Your Horse's Shoeing Pass Inspection?
How to evaluate good shoeing vs. poor shoeing.

Hoof Care and Lameness - Protective Legwear
Using protective legwear is a smart and easy way to protect your horse's legs from bumps, bangs and strains.

Horse Health - Winter Horse Shoeing
A farrier offers advice on keeping your horse safe and comfortable in snow and ice.

Solve Hoof Health Problems
Help your horse put his best feet forward.

Taking Care of Your Horse's Tendons
Here are five ways to reduce your horse's risk of sustaining a devastating tendon injury.

Hoof Care and Lameness - Equine Tendon and Ligament Injuries
A veterinarian discusses common tendon and ligament injuries, and offers advice on recovery.

The Top 5 Causes of Equine Lameness
If you're trying to solve your horse's mystery lameness, take a look at these likely culprits.

Horse Thrush - Thrush in Horse Hooves
If your horse's hooves become infected with thrush, follow these treatment tips.

Video: Thrush in the Equine Hoof
What is thrush, how does it affect a horse's hoof, and how can it be prevented?

Horse First Aid - Trail Riding Injuries
A little first-aid know-how and a cool head will go a long way if your horse sustains an injury on the trail.

Treating Thrush
A vet explains what to do when the initial treatment for your horse's hoof infection doesn't seem to work.

Horse Disease - The Truth About Ringbone
Is this disease really the end for a riding horse? Find out the latest prognosis.

What Causes a Horse to Stumble?
Tripping on the trail? Find out what medical and behavioral issues can lead to stumbling.

What is Stringhalt?
Learn more about the causes and treatments of this gait abnormality.

Video: White Line Disease
Two Minutes with Tab" series from Vettec Inc addresses common hoof ailments and health problems.

Horse Grooming - Winter Weather Can Mean Wet, Soft Hooves
If your horse cannot avoid living in damp footing during the wintertime, he may be prone to thrush and abscesses in his feet.

Switching from Shod to Barefoot
Thinking about going barefoot? Here’s what you need to know before pulling your horse’s shoes.

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