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Horse Hoof Care and Lameness

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Hoof Care Your horse needs regular hoof care and farrier visits for his health and soundness. Read on for all of our resources on diagnosing and treating common hoof ailments, recognizing lameness, and developing a plan with your veterinarian and farrier to keep your horse sound throughout his lifetime.

Winter Shoeing Solutions for Horses
Outfit your horse for snowy, icy conditions with these winter hoof-care options.

Research Needed to Better Understand Navicular Disease
On Behalf of the Equine Research Coordination Group

Regenerative Therapies May Aid Healing in Tendon and Ligament Injuries
VetCell Bioscience Offers Services to Help Repair Connective Tissue Damage

Tendon and Ligament Injuries in Horses
New treatements offer hope, but more research is needed to help prevent these common injuries.

Overuse of Stretches Could Be Harmful to Horses
A recent study shows that daily equine stretches might do more harm than good.

Poor Posture in Riders Linked to Back Problems in Horses
A recent study shows a correlation between weak riders and spinal issues in their mounts.

Lameness Locator could take the guesswork out of diagnosing lameness
The new technology is designed to analyze a horse's gait accurately and objectively.

Good nutrition is the key to healthy hooves
Poor-quality hooves could be an indication of other problems.

Hoof care needs are different for every horse
Horse owners should work with their vet and farrier to come up with an optimal hoof care regimen.

The Truth About Lost Shoes
Lost shoes are irritating to farriers and owners alike. Learn the truth behind the dreaded lost shoe from a veteran farrier.

Choosing a Farrier and Establishing a Successful Relationship
Regular visits from a compatible farrier are an essential part of your horse's health and well-being.

Get the Hang of Pull-On Bell Boots
If your horse over-reaches, try putting on bell boots.

What To Do When Laminitis Strikes
An extensive article provides first-aid tips for horses suffering from this devastating disease.

Horse Behavior - Reasons for Horse Behavior Problems
Behavior problems are often the result of physical problems. Here's how to determine the root cause.

Patient Hoof Picking
Trainer Julie Goodnight explains what to do with a horse who doesn't cooperate with having his hooves picked.

Building a Sound Future
How to start a young horse correctly.

Video: How to Pull a Loose Horse Shoe
Watch step-by-step instructions on how to remove your horse's loose shoe.

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