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Gallery: 27 Wonderful Senior Horses
Here are some of the fabulous aged equines you shared with us on social media.

Honoring Our Aging Equines: This Old Horse
Horses and humans help each other at a Minnesota sanctuary for senior equines.

Horse Community - Dealing with the Loss of a Horse
Coping with the loss of a horse can be a difficult journey.

Senior Horses: Older but Wiser
How older horses can serve as teachers and role models for the younger members of the herd.

Senior Horses Rule
Seven reasons why mature horses are the best.

Senior Horse Retirement
Learn how to tell when your horse is ready to start slowing down.

Ask the Vet: Cushing's Disease and Cracked Hooves
Could Cushing's be causing a senior horse's hooves to crack?

Ask the Vet: Time to Retire
How do you know when it's time for your horse to retire, and what's the best way to manage a retired horse?

Ask the Vet: EOTRH
When a senior horse shows signs of mouth discomfort and floating can't fix it, EOTRH is one possible diagnosis.

Ask the Vet: Forage for Senior Horses
What forage options are available for hard-to-keep senior horses?

Ask the Vet: Preventing Joint Degeneration
How can horse owners be proactive to reduce the risk of future joint problems?

Horse Disease - Advances Against Cushing's Disease
New therapies, along with improved diagnostic tests, are clearing the way to better care.

Exercise for Senior Horses
How to keep your older horse active and healthy without increasing his injury risk.

Watch for Eye Problems in Senior Horses
Eye and vision problems can be avoided with proper care throughout your horse's lifetime.

Forage for Senior Horses
What are the options for feeding older horses who can't chew hay?

Horse Health in Winter: The Older Horse
Advice from a vet for keeping your horse healthy this winter.

Senior Horse - Riding Off Into the Sunset Years
Just because a horse has reached his older years doesn't mean he has to hang up his horseshoes and be content with pasture life.

Horse Health - Drug Warning
If your horse needs pain management, consider the following advice.

Nutrition Tips for Senior Horses
Older horses have unique nutritional needs. Here’s how to design a feeding plan accordingly.

Prep Your Senior Horse For Winter
Here are five things you need to assess in your senior horse before winter.

Senior Horse - Add Years to Your Senior's Life
10 ways to add years to your senior horse's life.

Horse Dentistry - Telltale Teeth
A horse's teeth reveal his age. If you're going to look a gift horse in the mouth, here's how to learn something from the view.

The Scoop on Senior Horse Nutrition
Feed your senior horse to keep him looking and feeling his best.

The Top Health Issues in Older Horses
If you've got an aging equine in your barn, watch for these seven health concerns.

The Truth About Equine Cushing’s Disease
Nine things you didn’t know about equine Cushing’s disease but should.

Senior Horse - Match Feed With Need
Fulfill your horse's energy needs by providing proper nutrition.

Riding and Training the Senior Horse
Enjoy your horse's golden years with some advice on proper care and exercise for older horses.

Senior Horse Servings
Nutrition strategies for older horses, whether they're hard-keepers, easy-keepers, or just right.

Senior Horses: Aged to Perfection
With the right management, you can still create lots of memories with your senior horse.

Could joint supplements help senior horses?
A Dutch study examined how one combination of ingredients affected movement in older horses.

Why senior horses need fall dental check-ups
Make sure your horse is able to get the nutrition he needs heading into winter.

Embracing Retirement
When a senior horse's riding days are over, there's still important work to be done.

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