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Horse Breeding - Newborn Foal Care
What to do once your foal is on the ground.

Horse Breeding - Hormones and Horse Behavior
What is the truth about stallion-like behavior? Is it those things we love best about horses, or is it something vicious and unpredictable that should be checked by gelding the horse?

Horse Breeding - The Bond Between Mare and Foal
A look at what happens between mom and baby during those critical first days of a foal's life.

Horse Breeding - The Birds and the Bees, the Stallions and the Mares
The first months of spring mark the beginning of an important time in your horse's life'the start of the breeding season.

Equestrian Life - Breeding Contracts
A breeding contract spelling out all the details of the arrangement between mare and stallion owner is essential.

Mare & Foal - Foaling Supplies Checklist
Awaiting a foal this spring? Make sure you're prepared with everything you need to know, complete with a printable checklist.

Question of the Week: Floating Patella
My horse has been diagnosed with a floating patella. What does that mean?

Horse Nutrition - Feeding Broodmares and Foals
Making sure your foal gets all the nutrients he needs right from the start will help ensure he reaches his full potential as an adult.

Horse Nutrition - Milk Alternatives for Foals
A mare's failure to produce milk can be devastating, but alternatives are available to help your newborn thrive.

Horse Health - Red Bag Delivery
A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine explains this rare foaling complication.

Ask the Expert: Stallion-Like Behavior
A young gelding that acts like a stallion could be a cryptorchid.

DNA testing for Inherited Disease
UC Davis offers several tests to detect whether a horse may pass on specific diseases.

Pneumonia is major killer of foals
Researchers are collaborating to find cures for foal pneumonia.

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