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Horse Bathing Basics
Step-by-step instructions to help your horse really shine.

Body Clipping Your Horse
Body clipping is a good option for horses that stay in work all winter. Here's how to do it right.

How to Clean Your Horse's Brushes and Other Grooming Tools
Keep your horse's coat and skin healthy and maximize the life and usefulness of your grooming tools.

Guide to Grooming Tools
A handy chart of essential horse grooming tools.

Horse Grooming Safety
Stay safe (and keep your horse safe) during your pre-ride grooming sessions with these helpful reminders.

Care of Long Manes and Tails
A Friesian horse trainer shares the secrets of maintaining those gorgeous manes and tails.

Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

Equestrian Life - Horse and Rider Spa Treatments
Do-it-Yourself Spa Treatments for You and Your Horse

Horse Illustrated/CONAIR Show Prep Tips Contest
Here are the best horse show prep tips selected from Horse Illustrated reader submissions.

Horse Illustrated Grooming Challenge Contest Results
The winner is revealed, plus editors' favorite picks.

How to Bang a Horse Tail
Tidy your horse's tail for a super sport horse look with step-by-step photos and instructions.

Barn Basics: On the Go Shampoo
Swish, Spritz and Sponge Away the Daily Grime

Barn Basics:
Tail Bag Tips

To Clip or Not to Clip?
Decide on the best way to handle your horse???s winter coat.

Clipping Tools and Essentials
If you want a professional-grade body clip, you'll need the right tools for the job. Here's a list of everything you'll need to take on your horse's winter coat.

Horse Show Makeover
Get your horse show-ring ready in 10 steps.

Your First Horse: Grooming and Horse Care
Everything you need to know about grooming and caring for your new horse.

Blanket Technology
Check out the latest blanket technology to ensure your horse isn???t left out in the cold this winter.

How to Braid a Horse's Mane for Hunter Competition
Beautify your hunter with this step-by-step mane braiding guide.

How to Braid a Horse's Tail for Hunter Competition
Get top tails for show hunters with step-by-step tail braiding tips.

How to Attach a Temporary Tail Extension
Make a wimpy tail stand out with these simple steps to attaching a tail extension.

Partial Clips: The Best of Both Worlds
Several clipping options allow you to get the best of both worlds'remove hair where your horse sweats the most, but leave enough to provide warmth.

Horse Show Skills and Solutions:
How to Dress Up the Horse in the Plain Brown Wrapper

Tips for Thicker Tails
No matter what type of tail your horse was born with, maximize it with these thicker tail tips.

How to Band a Western Horse's Mane
Outshine the competition in the western show arena by following these simple steps.

Very Bad at Bath Time
My horse is terrified of the hose. How do I give him a bath?

Question of the Week: A dusty winter coat
How do I prevent my horse's winter coat from collecting dust?

Ask the Vet: Clipping a Horse's Whiskers
Is it true that clipping whiskers is harmful to horses?

Slideshow: Fun with Horse Clipping Patterns
You can have fun with your horse's winter coat. A professional clipper explains how.

Horse Grooming - Body Clipping
Before you shell out any hard-earned money, hold on: You can clip your horse yourself. All you need is a little patience and a few tools.

Horse Grooming - Grooming for the Health of It
Whether your horse is a trail expert or show stopper, ridden daily or retired, stalled or turned out, your horse needs daily grooming to help maintain good health.

Horse Grooming - Clipper Maintenance
Learn how to uphold your clipper and blade performance.

Horse Grooming - 30 Grooming Tips to Transform Your Horse
Make your horse look his best for show day or any day.

Horse Grooming - Tips for Bathing Your Horse
Tips to make bathing your horse less of a battle.

Horse Grooming - Clipping Countdown
Prep your horse and equipment for a great clip.

Horse Grooming - Coat Color Enhancers
Have you noticed the wide array of spray-on color enhancers for horses that are available at major tack stores?

Horse Disease - Mud-Related Health Problems
Veterinary experts offer tips for coping with mud-related health problems.

Horse Grooming - Grooming Tips From the Top
Show groomers share secret techniques for making their horses stand out on show day.

Horse Grooming - What's In Natural Grooming Products?
The following plant-derivatives are frequently included in the ingredient lists of many natural products (and even some that are not).

Horse Grooming - Sheath Cleaning
Sheath cleaning isn't really a fun job for anyone involved. But after the first time, you'll realize there's not much to it.

Horse Grooming - Equine Skin Problems
Recognizing and treating skin disorders on your horse.

Horse Grooming - To Clip or Not to Clip?
The pros and cons of full and partial clips, plus blanketing advice and au naturel options.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Grooming Time
Your horse-grooming sessions will be more efficient and effective with these tips.

5 Tips for Bathing Your Horse
Before you give your horse his next bath, read this.

7 Grooming Secrets
Tips and techniques to groom your horse to greatness.

Bathing Step-by-Step
Here are the steps to take to successfully bathe your horse.

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