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Are There Poisonous Plants in Your Horse's Pasture?
Here are some of the more common toxic plants found in North American farmland.

Equestrian Life - Emergency Contact Information
Make sure those who care for your horse have the emergency contact numbers they need.

Equestrian Life - Evaluating Equine Fitness
If you plan to take your horse with you on vacation--camping and trail riding--make sure he's fit to go.

Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

Equestrian Life - Is Your Horse College Bound?
What you need to know about taking your horse to college.

Questions to Ask Your Barn Builder
10 things you should know when building your barn

10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid
Ensure your horse stays healthy all season long by using common sense and avoiding these Top 10 winter horsekeeping mistakes

Too Hot to Trot?
Avoid potential heat traps for your horse.

Barn Basics: the benefits of barn cats
As part of good stable management, bring in the kitties.

Barn Basics: Beware of Bees
Encountering bees around the barn or on the trail is a real hazard. Here are some tips to help you and your horse steer clear of stings.

Barn Basics: Take Your Tack from Ick to Slick
Master Mud and Sweat with These Quick Tips

Barn Basics:
Tail Bag Tips

Barn Basics: Five Wet Weather Tips
If you live in a rainy climate, winter weather brings its own set of challenges.

Blueprint for Success: Part One
Planning, budgeting and financing lay the groundwork for a successful barn-building project.

Blueprint For Success: Part Two
Get into the nitty-gritty construction of your barn, from excavating the site to the final details and amenities.

Better, Faster, Smarter Stall Cleaning
Experts share their quick tips to efficient cleaning.

Blanket Central
HorseChannel's guide to outfitting your horse for winter weather.

Clipping Tools and Essentials
If you want a professional-grade body clip, you'll need the right tools for the job. Here's a list of everything you'll need to take on your horse's winter coat.

Deworming the Reluctant Horse
Are you constantly at battle with your horse over deworming? Find tips to make this common struggle a breeze!

Fall Riding and Horse Care
Follow these guidelines to keep your horse happy and healthy this fall.

A Foal Safe Plan
Create a hazard-free environment for your foal.

Hay Buying Without the Hassle
Nine tips to take the stress out of forage shopping

Slideshow: At-Home Horse Barns
Whether you're considering building or improving an at-home barn, or just dreaming of the possibilities, check out these barns and accessories from top manufacturers.

Blanket Technology
Check out the latest blanket technology to ensure your horse isn???t left out in the cold this winter.

Keeping Warm During Barn Chores
Dressing for the weather will make daily tasks bearable after the weather turns cold.

Horse Health - First-Aid for Laminitis
Improve your horses' chance of surviving laminitis with these first-aid tips.

Storing Bagged Horse Feed
Don't let good feed go bad. Keep it from spoiling with expert tips for proper storage.

Troubleshooting Electric Fences
Find out what???s causing the short in your fence without wasting time.

Question of the Week: Bored Horse
What can I do to prevent my horse from developing vices?

Question of the Week: Fear of Fly Spray
How do I fight flies when my horse won't stand still for fly spray?

Finding a Retirement Home
How do I find the best retirement home for my horse?

Question of the Week: Corral Mud Management
My horse likes to stand in the muddiest part of his corral. What do I do?

Question of the Week: Starting a Horse Boarding Business
What do I need to know before starting my horse business?

Ammonia Fumes in a Horse's Stall
My horse's stall smells like ammonia. I feed my horse alfalfa hay, and my barn friends tell me that the high-protein content of this hay is causing the ammonia smell. Is this true? Is it a bad thing?

Question of the Week: Birds in the Barn
Can bird droppings make my horse sick?

Question of the Week: Help for a Horse with Heaves
My horse was diagnosed with heaves. What can I do to help her?

Question of the Week: Horses, Goats and Health Concerns
Are there any health risks in keeping goats and horses together?

Ask the Vet: Leaving the Barn Open in Winter
Is it always better to leave the barn open, even when the temperature is below zero?

Horse Nutrition - Seven Feeding Myths Shattered
A surprising number of us are baffled by the basic principles of equine nutrition.

Air Quality Concerns for Stabled Horses
Careful management is needed to ensure the respiratory health of horses that spend time indoors.

Horse Disease - Blister Beetles
Late summer is the time of year when alfalfa hay is prone to infestation by the blister beetle.

Horse Grooming - Grooming for the Health of It
Whether your horse is a trail expert or show stopper, ridden daily or retired, stalled or turned out, your horse needs daily grooming to help maintain good health.

Horse Parasites - Deworming Tips
How to get that dewormer down your horse's hatch, and keep those creepy-crawly internal parasites under control.

Horse First Aid - Directions to Emergency Responders
If you become incapacitated during an accident, you can make sure your horses will be taken care of by leaving information that will help direct emergency responders.

What is a Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test?
A member of the Horse Illustrated team decided to try a new tactic in deworming with her three horses.

Horse Nutrition - Feeding Bran
Offering your horse a lovingly prepared bran mash may seem like a good way to warm him up on a cold morning, but it may be doing him more harm than good.

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