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Baby Green Blues
Avoid performance pitfalls with your young sporthorse. Top pros reveal their secrets.

English Horse Training - Canter Transition Troubleshooting
Five exercises to develop your green horse's balance in the canter.

English Horse Training - Entry-Level Eventing
New to eventing? Beginner Novice is the place to get started in recognized competition.

Bounce Back to Fitness
Recondition your horse safely and gradually this spring.

Circular Logic
These three riding exercises will make you rethink the way you use circles.

English Horse Training - Jumping Cross-Country Obstacles
These three cross-country obstacles aren't so scary with advice from an Advanced-level eventer.

English Horse Training - Don't Cut Corners
Learning to ride corners correctly may not be at the top of every rider's to-do list, but using them properly can pay off in and out of the show ring.

Better Gait Transitions
A dressage expert offers advice to smooth out transition trouble.

Video: Great Grids
Improve your horse's jumping with these grid exercises.

English Horse Training - What a Half Halt Is (and Isn't)
This essential riding aid can be elusive to learn. Understand first what a half-halt is not in order to master it.

English Horse Training - Gallop and Hand Gallop
Ride the hand gallop and gallop in good form.

English Horse Training - Perfecting the Posting Trot
Fine-tune your position at the rising trot, and fix six major flaws for both hunt seat and dressage riders.

English Horse Training - 9 Tips for Better Jumping with Your Horse
Common rules the beginning jumper should know.

Lighten Up!
End the tug-of-war with a heavy horse.

Score More in the Dressage Arena
A judge gives tips for maximizing points on your lower-level dressage tests.

Start 'em up
Know when to start serious training with your sport horse prospect.

How to Fall off a Horse
When you can’t defy the laws of gravity, there are a few things you can do to minimize your risk of injury.

Retraining the Rescue Horse
Your rescued horse will need your patience, time and commitment as he adjusts to his new life.

Horse Rescue - Last Chance at Retraining
Bruce Lachiusa believes that most problem horses are created by riders who don't know how to ride.

A Day at the Maker's Mark Secretariat Center
See what goes on at this Thoroughbred horse retraining and adoption center.

Barn Basics: How to Help the Ex-Racehorse Feel at Home
Retraining an OTTB begins with three simple steps

Essential Horsemanship: When is a Stronger Bit Really Necessary?
Your horse???s behavior might be telling you one of two things: Either it???s time for more bit or more training.

HorseChannel's Online Bit Guide
Snaffles and curbs, mouthpieces and attachements, and everything else you've always wanted to know about different bits.

HorseChannel - Train Your Horse to Unload from the Trailer Safely
Teaching your horse to unload is an important step in trailering. Find out how to master this challenge with tips from clinician Chris Cox.

Slideshow: A Second Chance for Thoroughbreds
With help from dedicated horse lovers, racehorses excel in new careers once their days at the track have ended.

Start Your Horse's Spring Training
Plan your horse's conditioning program to safely get him into shape.

Question of the Week: Taming the Aggressive Alpha Mare
My new horse has become very aggressive towards me. What can I do?

Question of the Week: Pull Over to the Side
My horse seems to pull to the right. Am I doing something wrong?

Very Bad at Bath Time
My horse is terrified of the hose. How do I give him a bath?

Ask the Vet: Hot Weather Exercises for Horses
What can I do with my horse when it's too hot to ride?

General Training Advice - Buddy Sour
Watch how John Lyons corrects buddy sour behavior in this exclusive HorseChannel video.

General Training Advice - Video: Fix Head Tossing with John Lyons
Watch John Lyons video to learn his tried and tested method for reforming a head tosser.

General Training Advice - Video: Lope Leads with John Lyons
Watch John Lyons' tips for getting your horse to take your leads in this HorseChannel video.

Ask the Expert: Stop the Spooking
Clinton Anderson offers advice to a rider with a spooky horse.

Question of the Week: Head Tossing
Why does my horse toss his head?

Horse Fun - Horses Love ...
Cookies and carrots will bring nickers, but here???s what the research suggests horses love.

Essential Skills: Fit to be Tied
Correct tying technique is critical to horse and human safety. Brush up your skills here.

Horse Keeping - Longeing Gear
Tack up properly for the best longeing results.

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